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June 22, 2021

The obsession to show off long, thick and curly eyelashes has a long history. You just have to notice the amount of products, tools and treatments used today for the care and beautification of eyelashes: mask effects, eyelash extensions, growth treatments, etc. But, despite the obvious evolution in this area, false eyelashes are still a beauty staple that makeup artists and celebrities always turn to for big events.

Strips of complete lashes:

these type of lashes serve to cover the entire lash line and can have a colorless or black base (as if simulating an eyeliner).

We can find false eyelashes made of natural (animal or human) or synthetic hair, although what will really make the difference between a natural finish and a more artificial one is its shape. Thus, the most natural looking eyelashes are made up of hairs that are thicker at the base and finer at the tip (like true eyelashes), while the rest have hairs of the same thickness.

In addition, within this type of complete eyelashes we will find more dramatic versions (very thick, long and, in general, less natural), as well as other lighter ones, designed for day-to-day use. They also vary in their shapes, combining different lengths, in gradient


These are strips of eyelashes that only cover the outer half of the eye to beautify the look. Precisely for this reason, they are ideal for the inexperienced, since they do not require a fit to the eye as precise as the complete lash strips.

Duos and trios of lashes:

These are groups of lashes distributed in two or three knots with several tabs each. They allow a very natural finish and, although they require more time to lay than full strips, they save effort and time compared to individual strips.

Individual lashes:

These are small knots with several lashes that are placed anywhere on the eye line and create a very natural effect. They are ideal to place on the outer corner of the eye, for example, creating a feeling of greater volume and density on the lashes. The only drawback is that they require more dedication than if we opt for a full strip of eyelashes, which are placed at once, but are usually the most used by makeup professionals.


Eyelash extensions:

These are one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments today.

One of the first things you need to know is that eyelash extensions are a complex universe. There is no single treatment. You can choose the number of tabs, their thickness and also the curvature. According to these three variants, you will get a natural or more sophisticated look, a cat's eye effect, eyeliner, etc.
Depending on the number of lashes that are placed, the treatment can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, because a lot of precision is required to choose the thickest natural lashes and glue the extension there. Yes, they use glue, but it is a medical glue, already approved.